The Shiniest Success

A family in the UK have won a pair of high quality sunglasses for posting the best #ShiningSuccess story on Aniridia Day. This post on Facebook by Caryl received an amazing 161 Likes or Loves!

This is our beautiful daughter Mari, she has just turned 5 and is absolutely amazing. She has WAGR syndrome and Aniridia. She has had a total of 11 surgeries so far and chemotherapy as she developed Wilm’s tumour just before her first birthday. Despite the challenges she’s faced, she never complains and is so happy, full of life and determined. She doesn’t let her condition stop her from doing anything, her vision is poor and she is registered blind, but she rides her bike, goes to swimming lessons, dance lessons and everything else her friends do. We are so proud of her and wouldn’t change her for the world 😊
5 photos of a girl, incluidng one in dance studio

WAGR is a extremely rare condition of which aniridia is just one part. For more details visit the International WAGR Syndrome Association.
Our thanks go to the companies, congratulations to the winners and our unending gratitude to everyone who wrote, commented on, reacted to and shared posts on Aniridia Day.

Eschenbach and Prats provide prizes for Aniridia Day campaigns

We are ecstatic to announce that two companies have very generously donated high quality sunglasses to be prizes in the Aniridia Day 2017  competitions.

The deal was arranged by Isabel who volunteers in Spain with Asociación Española de Aniridia.

The author of the poems judged to be the best in each of the Spanish and international poetry competitions will receive a pair of sunglasses with unisex frames, lateral anti-glare and lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays made and gifted by:

  • Prats Industry: experts in low vision that make filters for individuals with specific ocular pathology.
  • ESCHENBACH: experts in vision technology products, eyewear, and optics.
    Prats logoEschenbach logo

We want to thank Prats and Eschenbach for their support with making the first ever Aniridia Day so great!

Two further pairs of sunglasses can also be won by the best submission to the Spanish and international Shining Success campaign.

Judges and result

The poems submitted to the international competition will be judged by:

  • Katherine Atkinson – UK
  • Galina Gening – Russia
  • Kelly Trout – USA

The winner and their poem will be announced on social media on Aniridia Day 21 June 2017. Please share the news.

Shining Success

Let’s show what people (dealing) with aniridia can achieve. The themes are positivity, solidarity and sunglasses.

On Aniridia Day 21 June 2017 (not before!) post on social media answers to these questions:

Considering aniridia:
1) What is the most unexpected or greatest success that you or someone you know has achieved?
2) What is your/their ambition to do in the future?

Parents and other relatives can take part too, by answering about a child.
Doctors and other professionals can contribute with answering about their work relating to aniridia.

How to make this campaign a shining success:

  • The post can simply be on Facebook or Twitter, or even better a video, podcast or blog.
  • Mention @AniridiaDay and use #ShiningSuccess in all posts
  • On Facebook, please, post first in our public Aniridia Day Facebook group to be seen by the maximum number of people and then share it back to your timeline for your friends.
  • Ideally include a photograph/video of the person, wearing sunglasses while doing the activity being talked about. Alternatively it could be the person wearing sunglasses, or with others, all wearing sunglasses
  • Make this a really big, inspiring success. Nominate and encourage everyone you know around the world, associated with aniridia to answer the questions and/or share the answers.

We may well collate the posts for use elsewhere in future – with the author’s permission of course.


As part of this campaign, you are welcome to promote giving to good causes, such as national aniridia associations or research institutions. Please just make it very clear that when you are only asking people in a specific country or attending an particular event to donate, otherwise it will get very confusing on social media with everyone encouraging donations to different places!