#AniridiaSight campaign

Two views of people on a beach. One very over exposed to demonstrate effect of aniridia

On Aniridia Day 2018 we asked you to post a description of what you can see on social media, alongside a photo of the scene. This was to help try to answer the question

“What do you see with aniridia?” –

It is very difficult to answer without ever experiencing the acuity of normal sight and so being unable to compare the two. It is hard to imagine being able to see better that you ever have. Plus there is a lot of variation between people so there is not a single answer.

But it was really interesting to understand the range and how we talk about it, to be able to ‘see the difference’ and get some idea of how we all experience the world differently.

We asked people with aniridia to:

  1. Take a photograph (or video).
    Ideally include a Aniridia Day poster too.
  2. Write (or record) a description of what they can see from the same position.
  3. Share the picture and words publicly on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) so people can see the difference between the two.
    Include #AniridiaSight and @AniridiaDay in the post.  
    • On Facebook, we asked them to post first in our public Aniridia Day Facebook group to be seen by the maximum number of people, and then share it back to their own timeline for their friends.
  4. @Mention someone they know with aniridia to nominate them to do the same.

Parents could also help their children with aniridia to take part too.

We may well collate the posts for use elsewhere in future – with the author’s permission of course.