Meet up in Greece

Greeks Theoni and her son Markus who has aniridia, met another family affected by aniridia in a cafe to celebrate Aniridia Day. Russians Galina, her son Ramy and daughter Liza, who has aniridia flew in to meet them on the evening of 21 June 2017.

Theoni said:

We couldn’t hope for a better way to celebrate for Aniridia Greece on this special ANIRIDIA DAY !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU so much for this wonderful meeting !!!!! We have so much in common like if we knew each other for years !!!!!

Galina who is a member of the Board of Directors and Secretary of Aniridia Europe said:

The kids had a lot of fun. We discussed some points about Aniridia Greece starting as a independent organisation. We also talked also about mission and role of Aniridia Day in the future for people with aniridia in Greece.

Two women on a couch with two children sitting on their knees, all wearing sunglasses
Galina, Liza, Theoni, Markus

My Blue Black Eyes

Entry to our poetry competition from Greece

Somebody asks me to

What s going on with you
Can’t find the difference
Iris i used to know
Colours of all i show
Don’t make a reference
Then i stand up and say I am the one who made
This world’s innovation
Have something real rare
A new colour to refer
My blue black mutation
I see the big
i see the huge
My eyes out of rules
I feel the right my eyes so bright
Can dance all the night
I look at you I pray for too
Can do what you do
No more despair
You’ll see me there
My eyes can dare
Maybe it ‘s a bit of hard
But if we all take part
The miracle is coming
Sing all this song with me
Believe it and you will see
Aniridia will vanish
Wear on my sunny glass
Never i use the flash
Cause iris is absent
But i realize so long
Everyone can be strong
Despite of his lackness