Plans for Aniridia Day 2022

Meet up

Several events are talking place across the USA and UK. Get details at:

5 adults and 3 children with Aniridia Day signs

If you know of other activities, please let us know so we can promote them beforehand and celebrate them afterwards.

Win a holiday

Fancy a holiday in the Canary Islands?

Enter the raffle to help fund this year’s European Aniridia Conference, and you could be jetting off for a week in the sun, with an all-inclusive stay at an accessible hotel!

The prize draw will be streamed live on the Instagram channel of Aniridia Spain on Aniridia Day

Hotel Taimar Libre de barreras y accessible para todos

Meet-ups 2018

Informal gatherings took place to celebrate Aniridia Day 2018. They brought together people affected by  aniridia to share experiences, stories and useful information.


Krasnodar – 21 June

Member of the Interregional Support Centre for patients with Aniridia “ Iris” met in a cafe in Russia.

Bashkortostan – 21 June

Also in Russia, families met to talk and celebrate in a park.

London – 20 June

Glen and James, Eileen, Chris, Eleanor. Keith and Matt met at London Victoria station for drinks and dinner. They also broadcast live on the internet to wish the world happy Nystagmus and Aniridia Day .

Cardiff – 17 June

Emily, who has aniridia along with her son, hosted a meet up on Sunday for people in South Wales. Four people with aniridia plus siblings and parents met to chat about medical experiences and day to day support over tea and pizza. They are planning to have another get together soon.