20 e 21 giugno 2020 in Live Streaming su Youtube, Facebook e Twitter! "Inclusione significa esserci nonostante tutto soprattutto in digitale!" Aniridia Italiana, Aniridia InCloud

Aniridia InCloud italiano

Per celebrare la Giornata Aniridia nel 2020, Aniridia Italiana sta svolgendo le seguenti attività in italiano. Guarda altri video sul canale YouTube di Aniridia Italiana.

To celebrate Aniridia Day in 2020, the Italian Aniridia association is running the following onlne activities in Italian.

See also: Webinars in English, Webinars in español/Spanish

All times Central European (Summer) Time (UTC+2)

Saturday 20 June 2020,

10:30am Wild kids

Online presentation of the European project “Looking out for a school for all: early educational inclusion for students with low vision”,

11:20am Aniridia in House

Online round table on Clinical and rehabilitative management of aniridia patients

3:00pm Work in progress

Online round table on social and work inclusion

9:00pm Reading In the Dark Flash Mob,

When the world comes to a lockdown, cars stop, movement is not allowed and everything around you seems to no longer have the same shape and texture, the only way to stay alive is clinging with all your strength to your mind.A wonderful universe that doesn’t need to see to travel far away. A wonderful engine that just have to listen to get started and that nobody can stop, harness, sedate or block.Hearing the sounds, perceiving the smells, imagining the colors, thinking about the dimensions, idealizing a place … all simple operations if supported by reading.

When we understood that we could not meet face to face as we had planned, we thought of a digital flash mob, as many have done in recent months, filling their homes with the notes of great songs from the past.Well, we are perhaps more intimate and instead of songs we have chosen the words of great authors.

On Aniridia Day, we will invite you to listen in the dark to those words that will give us the courage that we all must have to get back on our feet despite everything, and smile, and fight.

Sunday 21 June 2020

3:00pm The Great Quiz

Oh yes, this is not just a game, not just a way of being together, not just the biggest interactive digital activity you’ve ever participated in. This is an encounter and clash of cultures, it is life that flows through your veins. It is (and we do not say it for fun) the result of hard work and great creativity of a group of young men and women who have put into it their hearts and souls, their desires and commitment, but above all the sparkling joy that only young people can bring. Everyone can participate in the Kahoot quiz, it is easy to do. The questions can be accessed both from mobile and from desktop through a link that will be sent in the chat of a live streaming managed by Matteo, Veronica, Viviana and Edoardo. While the four of them speak as in a radio broadcast, the rest of the participants will answer the questions. The system will then automatically create a ranking and if the participants pass the round, they will receive a link to access the next level. There will be a prize for the winner.

On youTube

Watch pre-recorded interviews with updates on aniridia genetics and on the European project “Aniridia-Net: Networking to address an unmet medical, scientific, and societal challenge”