Take part in international Aniridia Day on 21 June 2018

What is it?

It is a time to coordinate activities and improve understanding of the rare genetic eye condition aniridia. Take a look at the 2017 Shining Success campaign and check out what happened in our poetry competition. Join our Aniridia Day Facebook group for all the latest activity.

Aniridia Day is a great chance for individuals and organisations to:

  • hold events for people associated with aniridia to meet
  • increase awareness of aniridia,
  • raise funds
  • recruit volunteers

When is it?

Aniridia Day is the same date as the solstice – a property of how high the sun is in the sky. The brightness and position of the sun significantly affects the lives of people with aniridia.

Aniridia Day and the solstice are on 21 June in 2018 and 2019.

Who can take part?

Everyone! We want Aniridia Day to be a truly international event with people in all countries taking part and using it as the basis for activities. 

Whether you have aniridia, know someone with aniridia or neither, please get involved with activities, spreading the word or donating time or money to our causes.

We also want people from around the world to join the Aniridia Day Committee, to help with this year’s campaign, and the organising the day in future years. Find out more about us and the history of Aniridia Day.


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