Webinars 2020

Enjoy 2 hours of free, informative, online presentations and discussions about aniridia on 21 June 2020.

Celebrate annual international Aniridia Day and come together virtually to support each other. We have fantastic speakers, plus time to ask questions and chat with people also affected by aniridia.

Anyone around the world is welcome to join on Zoom, for approximately 2 hours from:

  • 14:00 British Summer Time – BST
  • 13:00 Greenwich Meantime – UTC
  • 15:00 Central European Summer Time – CEST
  • 10:00 US Eastern Daylight Time – ESDT   


  • Open discussion for all attendees
  • Dry Eye Disease and Aniridia
    Colin Parsloe will talk about the causes and treatments for the gritty sore sensation many feel in their eyes.
  • “But you don’t look blind?” Growing up with an invisible disability
    Charles Bloch will talk about challenges and successes at university and finding jobs with aniridia.
  • Annual General Meeting 2020 of Aniridia Network
    Reports, financial accounts, questions and comments.
  • Achievements with aniridia
    Sinead Kane will give a motivating talk about becoming a lawyer, multi-marathon athlete and world record holder – with aniridia.  
  • Success at Aniridia Centre  
    Dr Natella Sukhanovain will show how she has created an effective centre of excellence at the Research Institute of Paediatrics in the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Science. 
  • Open conversation for all attendees

Don’t miss it. You can only take part if, in advance you:

Register to attend.

We will then send you an email with the web address to use a few days before the event.  

If you have any questions or difficulty registering contact us at info@aniridia.org.uk for help.

We make no promises about publishing recordings afterwards – so tune in live to take part!

Tweet about this event using: @AniridiaNetUK@AniridiaDay #ANUKconf.

These webinars are organised by Aniridia Network in the United Kingdom but are open to all with the exception of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Anyone can watch this session, but only UK and Irish members of Aniridia Network can speak.

Watch aniridia presentations online

We are will have a wonderful series of online presentations on Aniridia Day 21 June 2018.
People around the world will give live talks about aniridia that you can watch on your computer wherever you are. You will be able to ask questions too.
Coffee, laptop, notepad, pencils

Webinars 2018

Coffee cup, laptop with a person on screen, notepad and pens

We had a wonderful series of online presentations on Aniridia Day 21 June 2018.

View the webinar subjects and schedule.

People around the world gave live talks about aniridia for people to watch on computer wherever they were and ask questions too.

The presenters were an amazing mix of experts including people with aniridia, parents and doctors, from Russia to Spain.

We recorded most of the webinars and published them later on the Aniridia Day YouTube channel.

People could also join in by doing a impromptu webinar themselves, using systems such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live or Periscope. An example this is: James’s Facebook Live for Aniridia Day 2017.

Appeal for people to talk online about aniridia

Coffee, laptop, notepad, pencilsThe next Aniridia Day is on 21 June 2018.
Could you speak at an online event to celebrate the day and improve understanding of aniridia? Do you know a patient, parent or doctor who would?
Our plan this year is to hold several webinars about aniridia during the day, that people can watch or take part in wherever they live.
This could take various forms (perhaps followed by questions from the audience):
  • presentation
  • interview
  • panel debate
Another option is discussion on a subject that anyone can take part in. This would still need a someone to lead and manage the session.
The subjects could be narrowly or broadly defined. The target audience could also be small or large: any parents, patients, doctors, or people in a particular country or having a specific surgery related to aniridia.
You can choose the local time and language of the session.
Here are some ideas, but we want to you to invent your own too:
  • a person with aniridia hosting a ‘Ask me anything’ or demonstrating a screenreader
  • an open chat for anyone affected by aniridia in Australia
  • a talk and answers to questions by a aniridia doctor in Russian
  • a semi-scripted conversation between two parents
  • simultaneously watching of a YouTube video followed by questions/debate

An example of the first idea is James’s Facebook Live for Aniridia Day 2017.

We plan you use either join.me or appear.in internet conferencing systems . You will just need a computer or a smartphone. If you have a webcam you could use it, or share your screen, or just use audio. We will send you instructions in advance.
We need people like you, all around the world to run these webinars
If you are interested in being a speaker/host write to contact@aniridiaday.org as soon as possible, what you want the subject and format and time (GMT) to be, so we can advertise it.