Coffee cup, laptop with a person on screen, notepad and pensWe are having a wonderful series of online presentations on Aniridia Day 21 June 2018.

View the webinar subjects and schedule.

People around the world will give live talks about aniridia that you can watch on your computer wherever you are. You can ask questions too.

The presenters are a amazing mix of experts including people with aniridia, parents and doctors, from Russia to California.

Register to watch the webinar so that you will get reminders and make sure you add it to your calendar too.

To watch the ‘webinars’ simply go to https://join.me/aniridiaday at the correct time.

Note that the start times are given in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). You need to find out what local time that is for you, including any daylight saving in effect, at https://time.is/UTC.

You will need a way to listen to the sound from your computer, smartphone or tablet.  Make sure you have the sound volume turned up and if necessary a speaker or headphones plugged in or turned on.

Please do tune in live so you can ask questions, and to show your support and appreciation to the speakers. We will try to record the webinars and publish them later. However don’t rely on this, and it is much better to see it in real time anyway!

You could join in too by doing a impromptu webinar yourself, using system such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live or Periscope. An example this is: James’s Facebook Live for Aniridia Day 2017.