Spanish webinars 2020

On 19 June, the Spanish Association of Aniridia held an online confernce titled “Learning more about Aniridia and Low Vision”. Four experts talked about aspects and pathologies relating to aniridia and low vision.

It had 250 live views and more than 85 simultaneous viewers from several Spanish-speaking countries.

Screenshot of Yolanda and other speakers
Recording on YouTube

It began with Yolanda Asenjo, President of the Spanish Association of Aniridia, who spoke of the importance of early diagnosis, early stimulation in babies, and access to a genetic test. She also offered hope to those parents who have just had a son or daughter with aniridia, explaining her own experience as a person with aniridia and mother of an affected child.

The first speaker was Marta Corton, PhD. Researcher in genetics and genomics at the
Fundación Jiménez Díaz Hospital.

The second speaker was Miguel Ángel Teus, PhD. ophthalmologist. Dr. Teus explained the characteristics of glaucoma, the evolution of the tests to detect it and the existing surgeries.

Afterwards, it was the turn of Juan Álvarez de Toledo, ophthalmologist, who in his presentation “Ocular surface in congenital Aniridia”, He spoke of the main pathologies that patients with aniridia usually develop, such as dry eye or progressive limbar insufficiency, its consequences and possible treatments to be carried out.

To close the conference Miguel Guzmán, optician-optometrist, explained the concept of low
vision, still unknown by many people, and spoke of the different methods to achieve greater
personal autonomy.

The event ended with a video of some members of the Spanish Aniridia Association explaining what aids they use, from filters to refreshable braille displays.

The Spanish Association of Aniridia want to expres our gratitude to the speakers and
participants. We believe that this format has been able to resolve doubts from patients
who, in their day-to-day life, may not have access to information about their pathology.

The conference is now available in YouTube with automatic Spanish subtitles.

Lea este artículo en español.

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