What visual aids do you use and why, because of aniridia? Mark Aniridia Day on 21 June 2020 with pictures/videos along with text on social media to explain what is needed to get things done. Use #AniridiaAids and tag @AniridiaDay to get maximum views.

Baseball cap, sunglasses, monocular, high visibility keyboard, signature guide, magnifying glasses, Amazon Echo

Aniridia affects people in different ways. We want to help everyone understand the accessories, gadgets, technology, people and animals that enable us to do all the wonderful the things we Can Do With Aniridia.

Explain to your friends and followers, the difficulties you (or your children) have, then the difference your aids make to your life. Give others with aniridia new ideas for aids that could help them be a Shining Success.

Eleanor with her guide dog and Aniridia Day leaflets

On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tell the world about your #AniridiaAids such as:

  • hats and sunglasses
  • monocular
  • screen readers/magnifier/high contrast software
  • assistant or relative
  • guide dog

Always mention @AniridiaDay and use the hashtag #AniridiaAids

On Facebook: join and post in the public Aniridia Day group first then share it on your newsfeed, so that the aniridia community as well as your friends get to see, Like and comment on it.


Check out the #AniridiaAids others have posted

Also use our online shop, social media badges and posters to help celebrate.

If you run an aniridia association or social media group, please translate and adapt these instructions and share with as many people as you can to encourage them to participate in Aniridia Day 2020.

Tell us what you are planning/have done and we can help promote it.