My Rare Disease

A poem about aniridia from Elena from Ukraine.

I’ve got a great idea
To tell you about aniridia.
I was born with this rare desease,
And at first mum couldn’t stop her tears
However, she quickly changed her mood
When she understood,
That her nice little girl
Is the best in the world.
My parents will always believe,
That our problems will leave.
I’m very unusual girl
But the prettiest of all.
My eyes are fully black,
And I have limbal cells lack.
It’s hard to walk when there is sun,
So I must go out after it has gone.
I have always running look
In addition, it’s impossible to read a book.
The wind is also rather harmful,
Moreover, it isn’t easy at school.
Despite my iris is missed
I like often to be kissed.
Unfortunately, I can hardly see
But all around love me.
Sunglasses are my friend
Because they can defend.
I’m sure my rare eyes
Will attract to me many guys.
It might strangely sound,
That not many aniridic people are found.
But I know many children who are the same,
And one day some of us will have fame.
Nowadays I have good friends
Who are always ready to lend their hands.
Yes, I’m one red tulip in the field
But in future the doctors will have yield!