Aniridia Day 2017 statistics


We used to review what happened on the Aniridia Day Facebook group during the 2017 campaign

There were 284 posts by 147 authors. These included:

  • 153 photos
  • 25 videos
  • 29 links
  • 77 statuses

There were 110 different people commenting and another 870 reacted to posts. They gave 8,500 reactions, shared 277 times and wrote 400 comments!

On 21 June 17 alone there were

  • 139 posts
  • 4878 reactions

Today the group has 566 members.


Meanwhile the Aniridia Day Twitter account tells us in June our tweets were seen 9,000 times, were retweeted 88 times and liked 75 times.


The Aniridia Day 2017 promotion video has been viewed nearly 300 times

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