Bekah’s Aniridia

An entry to our international poetry competition by Dodie from the USA

Missing irises make her eyes dark like coal,
So her smile is the window to her soul
Uncontrolled eye movements make eyes flutter all around
glaucoma and cataracts also found.
Shadows can be scary, sometimes lights to bright
needing reassurance, everything will be all right.
I’ve heard her tell herself out loud, “It’s nothing to worry ‘bout”
a silly shadow on the wall, can’t hurt me at all.
Listening to music, she claps most vigorously
sound is very important, in a world that’s hard to see.
She wants to be included treated just the same
whether going down a slippery slide, or playing a card game.
She often can be found with a book, sometimes turned upside down
making up a silly story about a kitten or a clown.
Her enthusiasm brightens up a room, her singing a delight
she also can be stubborn, and won’t give in without a fight.
My wish is for hope, new technology, invention and insight
to help treat this rare disorder,  I offer prayers up every night!

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