To Patients With Aniridia

A boy wrote this poem for our competition.

To Patients With Aniridia

God wanted you to be unordinary,
Aniridia can be tough hard and scary…
People may judge you by your default,
But you should know, that it’s not your fault.

Did your life go the worst?
-You are alive and you still happy?
– Yes, of course!
I know only one thing right,
Your whole life is a fight!

You have pain every day,
But you brighten this world in every way,
You feel like there is no hope,
We know, it’s hard to cope…
But if u believe in yourself,
Sooner or later u won’t need help.

So look at the bright side and live,
People will hurt you but you have to forgive,
Believe in yourself , there is HOPE
You can live on a string or live on a rope!

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