Poetry Competition 2017

We held an international poetry competition to celebrate Aniridia Day 207. The goal was to spread understanding of what it is like dealing with aniridia.

Anyone could write a poem, including: patients, parents, siblings or other relatives, friends, doctors, teachers and other professionals. The poem could be about any aspect of aniridia.

Local poetry competitions were also held in United Kingdom & Ireland and Russia. The winners from these contests were entered into the international competition


The author of the poem judged to be the best in the world will either receive:

  • A pair of sunglasses with unisex frames, lateral anti-glare and lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays kindly donated by:
    • Prats Industry: experts in low vision that make filters for individuals with specific ocular pathology.
    • ESCHENBACH: experts in vision technology products, eyewear, and optics.
      Prats logoEschenbach logo
  • €25 of online shopping vouchers (or similar value in the winner’s currency) – kindly provided by Aniridia Europe.


Judges and result

The poems submitted in English for the international competition were judged by:

  • Katherine Atkinson – UK
  • Galina Gening – Russia
  • Kelly Trout – USA

The winner and their poem will be announced on social media on Aniridia Day 21 June 2017. Please share the news.

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